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About us

About Group of Companies ARTDECO.

Group ARTDECO started forming in the dashing 90's. end of the millennium. IP Matviyenko and battery "Century" have become partners in the design of small forms and banking. Later they were joined by creative association ART-DECO. "The period of wild capitalism and the foreman architecture", which ended at the beginning of the second millennium, marked by enlargement of the provision of services to the public. With the development of market relations and the process of democratization of the society to join the group of companies ART-DECO OOO "Russian school of masters." After 2010, a group of companies ARTDECO expanded the scope of interests and influence, the group joined NIGHT "Russian Academy of Crafts" and NP "MTBF". At the beginning of 2013 has formed a closed structure of the group of companies, with the advent of the All-Russian Public Organization "Association of Lawyers of Russia" and OOO "Story Development."
Now a group of companies ARTDEKO it -
The design of low-rise building;
Banking services;
Accounting services;
Legal support of construction;
Construction of houses and cottages, bathhouses, pavilions;
Construction of fireplaces, stoves, barbecue, chimney;
Education, training, certification, licensing, training;
Research, design and survey work;
Restoration of monuments of architectural heritage;
Real estate services, real estate registration;
Self-regulatory organization (SRO).
Reliable real estate agency.
Real Estate Group of Companies Art Deco has a number of advantages:

- Representation in Atlanta, Georgia. Leo Semenov (Russian, English), the realtor with a large database of real estate in the United States.


- Representative of the State of New York, the city of Rochester (Russian, English) Estate Agent Olena Malanchin. Database of real estate in the United States.


- Central office real estate group of companies Artdeko in central Moscow, Bows House Lane 10. Database of real estate in Moscow region and  Crimea.


- Secure bank guarantees secured by real estate.

- Training manager, realtor allow rotation of personnel and realtors to identify the most successful agents in the property market.
In addition, the group of companies Art-deco, there are professional lawyers, architects, builders, real estate experts.

Each client of the agency Art Deco property - an exclusive client.

Investment real estate projects are thoroughly trained and tested. Payback period of one to three years.

Buying real estate is held in real time.

Turning to the real estate agency group companies Art deco - you get a worthy and reliable partner with a proven track record of many years.